The photo shoot!



I am lucky enough to have friends that were nice enough to model my wings for me in a photo shoot we did!

In these photos you can see three different designs that I have made so far.

The Red Ombre Dragon Fey Wings
The Acid Blue Fairy Wings
The Metallic Gold Lady in Waiting Wings



eight five four

nine one

seven three two

acid fairy wings five acid fairy wings four

acid fairy wings one acid fairy wings six acid fairy wings three


acid fairy wings two eight five four nine one


seven six three two


The very first pair of fairy wings!

The very first pair of fairy wings!

The Acid fairy wings was the very first design I created for Honey Bee Wigs and Wings. The learning process we gained from these wings inspired us to keep making new designs and finding new techniques and products to try and make the very best in the magical wing department.

Acid fairy wings go at a set price of $50. They will come in colors and size and length as seen in the photos here.

For custom colors it is an extra $5 charge.

For custom lengths and widths it is dependent on materials and time it uses to make them. We ask that you please contact us if you are interested in a custom order at;